Able Blast Cleaning

Ultra low pressure blast cleaning. Pefect results with no distortion

Trusted by the profesional restorers

Able Blast Cleaning have 26 years experience in taking great care of the Body shells and panels that need the paint and corrosion removed.

Normally a blast cleaning system has a minimum working pressure of 70 psi, and even this low can still damage panels


Our method

We have developed our system to work at 10 psi, so even aluminium panels are easy to do

We can take paint off one layer at a time without generating heat

leaving the customer with perfectly clean panels


Every customer is important to us.

It is good to be trusted by the people that you work for. Some restoration companies will send us quite a few  body shells per year, but we often get work from a person that is restoring his pride and joy only once.

It is good to see the finished restoration when a lot of our customers drive the vehicle back so that  we can see the end result.

Where it all happens.

When a body shell comes to us, we bolt it to our rotisserie so that we can easily blast clean every part of the shell, as we can now rotate it 360 degrees. The blast room is 10 metres by 8 metres , so we can fit in most vehicles.


Trafalgar Blue Quality.


If you see a Trafalgar Blue body shell being transported on the motorway, it will have just left our workshop 3 miles from Wetherby services on the A1M.

We have this primer specially made for us and our customers love it.

It can be welded through, filler can be applied to it and any top coat can be used.

- John Convery


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